All orders will be shipped within two (2) business days. All packages are shipped insured in full and will have delivery confirmation services included. Please note that delivery confirmation from the US Postal Service is not a reliable tracking service & often only indicates when actual delivery is made.


On all returns there is a standard ten (10) day return policy, and a twenty percent (20%) restocking fee for returns postmarked
eleven (11) days from the date of invoice.  All returns should be mailed to, A-J Accessories, 3115 E. Olive St., #42132, Las Vegas,
Nevada 89116.


Claims for lost packages will not be honored until thirty (30) days after the expected delivery date has passed.  After the thirty (30)
days (sixty (60) days for shipments outside the United States) has passed and the package shows no further delivery or tracking
movement, a full refund will be made of the original order.